Welcome to Charlesgate Village

In the early 1970’s New Road and Millersport Highway was largely an area of trees, wild flowers and was home to a vast array of wildlife. Mainly an undeveloped locale, some enterprising builders thought that townhouses modeled after an English village would make for an attractive area in which to live. To maintain the natural feel of the area, the townhouses were built in small clusters so that even though there are 188 townhouses in Charlesgate Village there is a sense of privacy. The builders also retained the natural beauty of the area by retaining many of the trees that were already part of the property. A retention pond on the property is the center of the Village, and the path that surrounds the pond allows for easy access to all units and offers a picturesque walking area. Many species of birds, waterfowl, and other wildlife continue to call Charlesgate Village their home, a tribute to the attention paid to the natural ecology of the region.

Many homeowners take great pride in enhancing the natural beauty of the area by customizing their landscaping both in the front and in the rear of their homes. Their addition of flowers, shrubs, and other creative touches do much to enhance the overall beauty of Charlesgate Village.

Charlesgate Village is part of the Ransom Oaks Community Association. This affords our homeowners access to the swimming pools, tennis courts, and playgrounds which are maintained by Ransom Oaks. Our residents can also avail themselves of the lovely walking path which traverses Glen Oaks Golf Course.

Since 1974, when the first townhouses were built, this entire area of Amherst has undergone great changes. From a very rural environment, Charlesgate Village is now minutes away from extensive shopping areas, and with the construction of Interstate 990, residents are a very short commute from all of the major commercial areas of Western New York.

Our village is a real melting pot. From retirees to young marrieds, from singles to families, and a wide diversity of ethnic groups all make Charlesgate their home.

Homeowners of Charlesgate Village comprise the membership of the Charlesgate Village Association. The association maintains the common areas such as the roads, paths, and other common areas. The association is responsible for snow removal and lawn cutting. It is also the responsibility of the association to maintain the roofs, gutters, and siding of all units.

Because of the complexity of living in an “Association” it is vital that each homeowner makes himself aware of the various rules and regulations. This web site affords easy access to these items and is another step that the Association Board is taking to make Charlesgate a more livable and neighborly place in which to live. By knowing and adhering to these rules and regulations each homeowner will be making Charlesgate a better place in which to live.

This Website, over time, will evolve into the main source of news and information for our homeowners. We invite your comments and suggestions for not only improving this site but for also improving “living in Charlesgate”.